Canine Veterans

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Saluting America's Canine Warriors    

We honor their contributions to our National Defense, and the War on Terror.

  Here's a shout out to them, and their humans: 


      They Deploy



They're Airborne



They Work -- They War -- They Soldier






They Train And Exercise


They Provide Companionship, Comfort and Comraderie To The Troops





They Need Play Time 



      They Retire With Honor ! 



  Thank You To America's Four Legged Warriors and their people!!


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All photo's that appear above were found on public domain sites, but without the ability to identify or contact the subjects for specific approval to use their photo.

It is our sincere hope that you will allow us to honor you in this way.

Take Down Notice:

If you (are your four legged warrior)  are pictured above, and do not want your photo to appear on our website,

please email us at, and we will remove your photo within 48 hours.

We respect your wishes.